Urban climbing in Brussels

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To mark the event of a “Saving” campaign by Fintro Bank in Brussels, I was invited to climb the headquarters building of the bank, right in the center of the city. It was quite a nice piece of climbing: 110 meters of vertical face with challenging moves between glass windows and sharp metal rail edges just like if the building had been built for it!

I had the chance to pre-test sections of the tower to make sure I could do it and evaluate the difficulty of the climb. But 110 meters adds up! Supported by the crowd and the announcer, I started the ascent with some stemming between some windows followed by a roof… the crux of the ascent. After that point, 100 meter of climbing was left between pillars and horizontal traverses on small edges. After 30 min of fight against the lactic acid in my forearms, I finally completed the ascent. No, it wasn’t easy!

After lighting some fireworks and releasing some balloons I was back on the ground where the director of the bank handed me a magnum champagne bottle and I happily sprayed my audience with it. That was fun!

The climb was filmed and photographed from an outdoor lift during the whole ascent and was MC’ed by my climbing partner Sean Villanueva and a professional speaker. At the Place Madou, people were very surprised to see me and caused some traffic on the ring of Brussels. The event was well covered by the press and the TV. It was a great success for everyone!



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