Siurana on the road to Venezuela

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I have spent the last months an a half around Siurana with my girlfriend Argyro. When we first arrived mid-december, I was completely out of shape after a months period of lectures all over Europe with our movie “Vertical Sailing Greenland” but day by day the fingers started closing better on the small holds and the shape came back. The last two weeks I managed to complete 4 beautiful routes : Lolla Corwin 8c, Pati noso 8c, l’Odi Social 8c+ and Chikane 8c+. Also Argyro climbed her first 7C+’s and soon 8a.

I am now back in Belgium packing for our next big wall adventure in Venezuela. It’s against my heart that I left Siurana. I was so close to sending a beautiful project I bolted. The last 3 days in Siurana I was planning to give it all but the side effects of the Yellow fever Vaccin kicked my ass and I was completely out of it not leaving me chance for it. Anyway that way I have good excuse to come back to Siurana after our adventures in Venezuela.

Have fun


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