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Nico rapping off the summit of Torres del paine

Born and raised in flat country Belgium, I guess I wasn’t meant to be a rock climber. While sailing in the mediterranean sea me and my brothers started scrambling above the water in order to explore caves. Slowly the scrambling side of our explorations became our main focus and naturally, with no climbing shoes or any knowledge, climbing became one of our favorite holiday activity. Later, when I was 15 I discover proper climbing in the climbing gyms of Belgium but it was only a matter of time for me to transpose climbing into a more global adventure.

In 2003 a trip to Ratikon Switzerland introduced me to multi-pitch routes and then in 2004 a trip to Yosemite introduced me to Big wall and traditional climbing. These experiences completely changed my approach and focus in climbing.

Nowadays, I am always gone to target some climbing destination around the world. I am doing what love and committed everything to be able to live fully my passions. Whether it’s a one move boulder problem, a big wall in alpine environment or a fine tune on my mandolin… It’s rock and I love it all.

×Best Big walls and multi-pitch ascents
Free ascent of El Capitan’s Freerider
First ascent free of L’appat 5.13 R 450m On the Falls wall, Yosémite California

“Ledgeway to Heaven” about 5-12+ or 7c, all free. 1300 m on Nafees Cap +- 6000m Charakusa Valley, Pakistan opened in a 44 h push from camp to camp

“Badal” about 5-12+ or 7c all free 1200m on Badal wall +-6000m, Charakusa Valley, Pakistan
First Ascent free of the secret passage 5-13c R 600m and Lost in translation 5.12+ 400m on El capitan, Yosemite California

Ascent of multi-pich Silbergeier 8b, Ratikon, Switzerland

First free ascent of the East face of the central tower of Torres del paine via “the south african route” 5.12+ 1300m, Patagonia
The Belgarian” 5.13 A1, 850m West Face of Asgard’s south tower climbed in 11 days, Big wall style. One aid move. Variation to Bavarian Direct (08/1996, Christian Schlesener, Mani Reichelt, Toni Grad, Luck Guscelli and Markus Bruckbauer)
FFA Devil’s brew 850m 5.12+ on the impossible wall – 11 days/ 3 portaledge camps (no bolts) –Upernavick area , Greenland

free ascent of Salathé Wall, Yosemite, California

Ascent of multi-pitch Orbayu 8b+/c, Picos de Europa, Spain
Fitz Roy, east face first free ascent and onsight via a combination of the Ferrari route, Royal Flush and El corazon 5.12b 1300m in a 36h push from Camp to camp
First Ascent all free of Apichavai 8a+ 500m (5 bolts) Tuyuren waterfall wall on amuri tepui, Venezuela
×Best Sport and single pitch trad
2000 First ascent of le clou 8c, Freyr, Belgium
2003 First ascent of Razorblade 8c, Freyr, Belgium
2004 Ascent of estado Critico 9a, Siurana
2006 Second ascent of Father’s day 5.14 trad, Donner summit, California
2007 First ascent of inshalah 8c/+ and gura guta gutarak 8c+, Kalymnos Greece
2008 Second ascent of Cobra Crack 5.14 trad, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
2010 Reina Mora 8c+/9a, El Pati, Siurana.
2012 l’odi social 8c+ and chikane 8c+, siurana & Speed 8c+, Voralpsee
+ many 8c+’s and 8b onsights
2009 golden piton award in the category of Big wall for the climbs done in Baffin Island
2010 Piolet d’or for the climbs done in Greenland
2012 Karl Unterkircher for the climbs done in Greenland
Vertical Sailing Greenland, Asgard Jamming, Pakistan Project, Patagonia Dreams, Yosemite experience