Nico does the first ascent of Inshallah 8c or 8c+, a route he calls, “One of the best sport climbs I have ever done.”

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In late October, Nicolas made the first ascent of Inshallah in Kalymnos. After bolting this route on a spring stay on the legendary Greek island, Nico had to leave it behind for the summer, not having the time to really work or send the project. After his expedition to Pakistan, several weeks of recuperation (basically eating and relishing in the luxuries of home), and eventually some sport training Nico would be ready to get back to Kalymnos and tackle this bit of unfinished business…Inshallah.

This idyllic line may just be the stuff of Greek myths: a horizontal line of tufas and pockets resting under the lip of a cave, the true line of weakness forming a perfect wave just meters above the Mediterranean Sea. Free style climbing at its best, Nico had to get creative on this route, especially with the rupture of a key crux hold. 360’s, tricky knee bars, and foot-cutting dynos all on horizontal terrain make this natural route exceptional. Concerning the difficulty of Inshallah, Nico believes it is at least 8c, possibly 8c+, leaving the confirmation in the hands of the future repetitors. On October 29, a pastel sunset set the backdrop for Nico to float the route, establishing a new Kalymnian testpiece.

Also, on the same trip, Nico visited Geyikbayri, a recently developed climbing area in Turkey, where he did the first repeat of Aquaduct, 8c.


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