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For the past few years I have been giving more and more lectures all over Europe… But don’t take me wrong. I am mostly a climber, a musicien not a speaker. But I have come to realize that giving lectures is a great way for me to give back something to the community by letting people enter my life as a climber. I like to think that it could inspire people to dare to follow their dreams and/or open their eyes to new ways of climbing.

Usually I talk either about my latest expedition or more generally about my path as a climber. My lectures consisted of a mix of pictures, videos and live music that is adaptable to any circumstances. I also do many lectures with my brother or my expedition partners which makes it always more exiting especially for the live music when the band is more complete!

Here is a little video of a lecture in Catalunya, Spain :

×Lectures agenda
November 1 valle de Aran, Spain
November 15 Torello, Spain
November 19 Leon, Spain
November 21 Gap, France
November 22 Sion, Switzerland

  1. bart says:

    Hellow Nicolas,

    Congratulations with this very nice website, and all your achievements as a climber. Your projects inspire me.

    Can I ask you if there will be more shows in flanders for the Jungle Jamming tour (Gent or Antwerp)? Or do I have to go to Brugge tonight to catch up?


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