Crack project in Norway finally sent!

Posted June 6, 2013  /   Background - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

I finally sent my long-term king line crack project in Norway last Wednesday! Now I feel so happy and complete;) It’s certainly one of the coolest lines I have ever climbed and the hardest crack I have ever redpointed! Daniel Jung, my brother Olivier, Bernardo Gimenez and I first found the line last summer while …

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Vacunamatata, a newborn in Siurana!

Posted February 2, 2013  /   News - Top Climbs  /  3 Comments

I am happy to announce you I finally sent the project I bolted last year in Campi qui pugui sector in Siurana, Spain. It’s the straight up exit of a route called Chikane which I redpointed last year. When Chikane traverse a couple meters right to join some bigger features, Vaccunamatata keeps going straight up …

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Speed repeated!

Posted August 26, 2012  /   News - Top Climbs  /  1 Comment

I have just repeated Speed 8c+ in Voralpsee, Switzerland. I am so psyched! I finally sent this amazing historical route! It took me 12 days to do it. It’s probably the longest I have spent on a sport-climb. The warm temperatures of the summer and the sharp holds didn’t really help either but the route …

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Siurana on the road to Venezuela

Posted April 1, 2012  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

I have spent the last months an a half around Siurana with my girlfriend Argyro. When we first arrived mid-december, I was completely out of shape after a months period of lectures all over Europe with our movie “Vertical Sailing Greenland” but day by day the fingers started closing better on the small holds and …

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El cap exploration

Posted November 1, 2011  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

A few days of rest after Salathe wall, cragging down low in the valley floor, Sean and I put our force together for an attempt to explore the potential of a new free line on the right side of El cap. That was our main target for this season. As usual we preferred not to …

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Salathe wall free after all

Posted October 1, 2011  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

After having climbed the Nose with Belgian TV Star Tom Waes, it was time to get into the real business. My girlfriend Argyro who had never come to Yosemite joined and I decided to do her big wall baptize on the Salathe wall which is mega classic and I had never tried to free. It …

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Orbayu repeated and Adam in the Hospital!

Posted August 15, 2011  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

UPDATE : VIDEO OF ORBAYU! We (Adam Pustelnik and Nicolas Favresse) are very happy to announce you that we just repeated Orbayu in Naranjo de Bulnes, Picos de europa, Spain. We needed 3 days for Nico and 4 days for Adam and Nico again to climb free everypitch of the route ground up in a …

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“La reina Mora” a Video by Bernardo Gimenez

Posted September 11, 2010  /   Movies - Top Climbs  /  1 Comment

Here is little video made by Bernardo Gimenez who captured my ascent of “La Reina Mora” in El Pati sector of Siurana, Spain. Enjoy! Thanks Bernardo Nico VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Nico Favresse on La Reina Mora (8c+) in Siurana, Spain from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

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Spring time sport climbing action.

Posted June 20, 2010  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

I am just back from sportclimbing in Catalunya on my way to Greenland. I had mainly bouldered throughout the whole winter so it was a nice transition to get back on the rope and get fit before hitting bigger walls in Greenland. New video by Bernardo! The highlight of the trip for me was many …

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Getting fit for Baffin Island in the Ratikon!

Posted June 13, 2009  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

As his last bit of training before his expedition to Baffin Island, Nico climbed some multi-pitch routes in the Ratikon, Switzerland with Polish Adam Pustelnick. The pair didn’t wait long to try the very famous route Silbergeier 8b 200m . And after some trouble with weather conditions and the route being partly wet, Nico managed …

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Nico does the second ascent of the Cobra Crack, 5-14 trad, Squamish, Canada

Posted July 30, 2008  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

Friday july 18, Nicolas Favresse managed the first repeat of the much-tried Cobra crack (placing the gear on lead.). After one brief attempt three years earlier, Nico spent eight days on the route this summer, making 15 attempts in all. The climb is about 30 meter long with its crux part consisting of a 10meter …

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First repeat of “Greenspit”, 8b+ traditional roof crack in val de l’Orco, North Italy.

Posted May 15, 2008  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

Nicolas Favresse repeats “Greenspit” a contender for the hardest trad crack in Europe. At the end of two days of effort Nico managed to redpoint the route on his 7th try placing the protection on the send. The route consisted on a 12-meter roof crack with lots of tricky crack climbing moves mixing hand, fists …

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First ascent of “Thin Ice” 8b+/c and repeat of “Natural present” 8c/c+

Posted January 4, 2008  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

Happy new year! For Nico, 2007 finished not too bad in Arco. He sent an old, unfinished project bolted by the local Rolando Larcher in Terlago. The route is called now “Thin Ice” and ranges at the dificulty of 8b+/c for 25 meters of vertical climbing on razorblades. Nico also made the first repeat of …

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Nico does the first ascent of Inshallah 8c or 8c+, a route he calls, “One of the best sport climbs I have ever done.”

Posted November 16, 2007  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

In late October, Nicolas made the first ascent of Inshallah in Kalymnos. After bolting this route on a spring stay on the legendary Greek island, Nico had to leave it behind for the summer, not having the time to really work or send the project. After his expedition to Pakistan, several weeks of recuperation (basically …

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Nico on an onsighting spree

Posted June 29, 2007  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

With his van back on the road with a brand new motor (please no more mechanical problems!), Nicolas couldn’t wait to visit Siurana, Rodellar and Gorge du Tarn. Feeling in his optimal sport climbing shape, Nico was able to express himself fully on a binge of challenging onsights. During the month, he accomplished onsight ascents …

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Nico sends a new contender for the hardest route in Kalymnos!

Posted May 29, 2007  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

At the end of a month-long trip to Kalymnos (Greece), Nico had a great day of performance climbing. After 10 days working on “Gora guta gutarak”, an open project located at the sector Odyssey, he finally managed the first ascent of this new power test piece! On the 4th day working the line he fell …

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5.14a (8b+) traditional

Posted September 4, 2006  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

Nicolas Favresse redpointed an amazing crack called “Father’s day” 8b+ on gear at the Star Wall, Donner Summit, California. The route was originally put up as a mixed bolts/trad route with the first part a 7c+ trad-protected crack called “Star Crack” and a bolted extension increasing the difficulty to 8b+. But Nicolas didn’t need to …

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Urban climbing in Brussels

Posted June 29, 2005  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

To mark the event of a “Saving” campaign by Fintro Bank in Brussels, I was invited to climb the headquarters building of the bank, right in the center of the city. It was quite a nice piece of climbing: 110 meters of vertical face with challenging moves between glass windows and sharp metal rail edges …

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8c+ and hard Onsights

Posted January 29, 2005  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

During a short trip to El Chorro, Spain, Nicolas onsighted six routes graded 8a, one 8a+ and “Swimming Through A Shark Attack” 8a+/b. In addition to his onsight performances on this trip, he also bagged a quick ascent of “Que Trabaje Rita” 8c+.

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Estado Critico, Nico’s First 9a!

Posted May 15, 2004  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

Nicolas Favresse sent his first 9a with the route “Estado Critico” in Siurana, Spain. Doing this, he became the first rock climber of the Benelux to have passed this barrier and to have reached a level attained by only a handful of people in the world! Nico was quite fast in sending the route, taking …

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First 8b Onsight for Nicolas!

Posted September 29, 2002  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

At the end of a summer road trip in Spain, Nicolas Favresse onsighted his first 8b, “Florida” at Rodellar. Besides his premier performance, Nico managed to do the first ascent of two 8c open projects: “Pata Negra” in three attempts and “Geminis”. He also redpointed two 8c’s, “Welcome to Tijuana” and “Honky Tonky”, as well …

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Le Clou 8c, the hardest route in Belgium?

Posted March 29, 2002  /   News - Top Climbs  /  0 Comments

The 22-year old Belgian, Nicolas Favresse, has recently freed “Le Clou”, an 8c that could stand as the hardest route in the country. The route is located at Freyr, which, with over 600 routes from 3 to 8c, is the most important crag in Belgium. Le Clou follows Tartines de Clous (7b) then continues up …

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