Crack project left in Norway!

Posted December 26, 2012  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

Here are some images of my last exploring trip to Norway! With my brother Oli and Daniel Jung, we found an amazing overhanging crack project. We spent about 3 weeks working together on it, solving each moves of the puzzle. The weather didn’t really cooperate as it rained everyday (except for one) in 3 weeks …

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Jungle Jam Venezuela, the film !

Posted November 12, 2012  /   News - Movies  /  4 Comments

NOW AVAILABLE – ONLINE DOWNLOAD! “Four young men, lost in the middle of the Amazon jungle of Venezuela, on a mission to free climb the 500m overhanging face of Amuri Tepuy. Wild animals, biting insects, backbreaking approach, crazy nights on a portaledge, musical concerts to the sound of a giant waterfall, sweaty climbing, precarious falls, …

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Orbayu… a Video by Bernardo Gimenez

Posted November 7, 2011  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

Here is a little Video Bernardo Gimenez made from the route Orbayu which I repeated last summer with Adam Pustelnik. Adam’s unfortunate accident shorten the trip and so we had to quit our main project which was to free another line o the same wall. Bernardo hadn’t planed to make a video out of this …

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Vertical sailing Greenland… the film!

Posted July 19, 2011  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

In the search of virgin Big walls, the Belgian musical trio Nico & Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and their American Friend Ben Ditto will bring you along their latest climbing and sailing adventure in Greenland with Capitain Bob Shepton, a 75 year retired priest! Buy Vertical sailing Greenland movie More info about the expedition Asgard …

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“La reina Mora” a Video by Bernardo Gimenez

Posted September 11, 2010  /   Movies - Top Climbs  /  1 Comment

Here is little video made by Bernardo Gimenez who captured my ascent of “La Reina Mora” in El Pati sector of Siurana, Spain. Enjoy! Thanks Bernardo Nico VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Nico Favresse on La Reina Mora (8c+) in Siurana, Spain from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

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Five awards for “Asgard Jamming”!

Posted June 14, 2010  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

I very happy to inform you that our film “Asgard Jamming” has been very successful for receiving awards at mountain film festival. *Mario bello awards & Audience award in the alpinism category at the Trento film festival * Audience award at the Mendi film festival * Best climbing film & Audience award at the Mountain …

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“Free south Africa” Video

Posted November 11, 2009  /   News - Movies  /  1 Comment

This is a small video following Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse and Ben Ditto on the first free ascent of the east face of the central tower of Torres del Paine via “the South African Route” 5.12c/7b+ 1200m. TOPO & LOCATION Enjoy! Editing : Sean Villanueva Filming : Sean Villanueva, Ben Ditto and Nicolas Favresse

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“Asgard Jamming” the trailer & movie available for sale!

Posted October 13, 2009  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

45 days, 0 nights, 600km on foot, 4 guys, 1 girl,… and the polar bears… “Asagard Jamming” follows Sean Villanueva, Stephane Hanssens, Nicolas Favresse, Olivier Favresse and Silvia Vidal in the exploration of big wall free climbing in Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic. Here is their expedition report Here you can find out how to buy …

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The power of jam

Posted September 13, 2009  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

Nico Favresse and Seán Villanueva spent four months in fall 2008 traveling western North America (the pair are from Belgium) with their climbing gear, a mandolin, a tin whistle and a penchant for hitchhiking. From Squamish to the Bugaboos to Yosemite to Indian Creek they did bold repeats, set new routes and played many jam …

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South African route movie clips

Posted February 13, 2009  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

TOPO & LOCATION The weather is clearing up after a storm. Jamming up high on the route. Hanging out in the portaledges. Free South Africa Video

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Bad weather in the Bugaboos… What to do to bring back the sunshine?

Posted August 20, 2008  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

It’s raining and snowing hard outside our tent…. little lakes are being fired down from the sky, days without end… there’s only one way to bring the sun back… you know it needs to be done… Here is just a small sample video from hours and hours of jamming :

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4 New videos!

Posted February 16, 2006  /   News - Movies  /  0 Comments

Check out the new videos : *Pitch 15/7c of Riders in the storm *An attempt on Royal Flush, Fitz roy *When big wall climbing hits the brain! * The trailer of the movie “Patagonia Dreams” Related news

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