Baffin expedition dispatch #3

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Hello to all,

Greetings from Greenland!

We are sheltered in a nice little bay behind Umanak island. For the
past three days the wind has been blowing,  making up for some nice
sailing adventures.  A few days ago, our peaceful anchorage by some
steep walls became more like a washing machine,  throwing the boat in
all directions. Everything was fine (except for a not so restful
night)  until the shore became so close our captain called for an
extreme exit of the anchorage as the boat started bouncing on the
rocks.  I have to say the fjords around here don’t offer many good
options for safe shelters. But Bob seems to be quite excited (a bit
like us with a first ascent) to challenge his boat for the sake of
bringing us to a climb or just discovering new anchorage to report to
the sailing community.

We did put up a couple new climbs on a very nice 500m rock feature on
the south East buttress of Qaqugdlugssuit. Although very close to the
wall we climbed previously, the rock was very different with nice
rounded cracks which in the steeper section tended to disintegrate
into kitty litter. What’s pretty unique about climbing here is that
with the 24 hours of daylight there seem to be never any hurry. We
sleep when we feel like sleeping, we wake up when we feel like waking
up and climb when we feel like climbing. The most intense moment of
the climb was probably when we crossed an overhanging black dyke. The
rock of a total different constancy was totally disintegrating making
it very hard to trust anything. Only faith and lack of rational brain
thinking could bring us through this type of sections. The views in
the low midnight sun were again outstanding with the company of the
birds and whales fishing their way around the fjords.

Beside that we are still waiting for the ice to melt on Baffin Island.
According to the ice charts there is a very good evolution but the
fjords are still completely blocked with fast ice. There is a good
chance we could cross around next weekend… Meanwhile our program
revolves around bouldering, jamming, fishing, naturism, eating and
sleeping… We are suffering!

The Wild Bunch


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