Baffin expedition dispatch #1

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6 July


We are off again to an exciting adventure! We have just landed to Aasiaat in Greenland and are currently busy loading Dodo’s delight, our 10 m fiber glass sailboat which will consist off our musical studio for the next 2 to 3 months. 
Reverend captain Bob Shepton is very excited to have the Wild Bunch back on board for some jamming. We ,Sean Villanueva, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto and I, are also psyched to the perspective of some jamming to the rhythm of the Arctic ocean, birds and Big walls. Already four years has passed since our last expedition in Greenland with captain Bob. This time though we brought more musical instruments, more fishing equipment and more whiskey for our captain which we hope will help us with our new assignment :  testing the acoustic of some massive big walls located in the fiords on the East coast of Baffin Island. 

The next few days we will sail north from here in the search of virgin walls to climb while waiting for the pack ice to clear so that we can cross to Baffin Island. 
The team so far is in great shape – No diarrhea yet to report. 



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